Eco Line

Folacoat Advance

The new product makes use of our latest soft polymer top coating and can be used with both water based and UV coatings.

The uniform thickness profile of this coating plate allows a good coating transfer even at highest printing speeds. Small to medium print runs can be achieved with the Folacoat Advance.

The single layer base polyester provides the necessary dimensional stability. and allows the multiple use. This plate can be cut easily by hand or with a CAD cutting system.

Please click here  to find useful handling recommendation and interesting product introduction by video.

Cut sheets

Art. NumberNominal thickness (inch)Nominal thickness (mm)


Art. NumberWidth (mm)Length (m)Nominal thickness (inch)Nominal thickness (mm)

Technical data


  • Recommended for direct coating
  • Suitable for aqueous coating
  • Suitable for UV coating
  • manual cutting possible
  • Ideal for CAD cutting systems
  • Polyester-basis/ -carrier


Thickness of polymer layer0,80
Thickness of carrier 0,35
Tolerance of thickness ± 0,05 mm
Type of coating transfer direct coating
Plate hardness83 Shore A
Nominal thickness (inch).045
Nominal thickness (mm)1.15
Hardness of polymer (DIN 53505)73 Shore A
Base MaterialPolyester


Recommended cutting depth: about 0.82 mm (.0322”). Please take care when cutting: The aim is to cleanly cut through the polymer and lightly score the base polyester, this will ensure clean removal of the polymer. The deeper the cut
goes into the base material will have an influence on the life of the product. Too deep will shorten the life. Please ensure that the cutting depth is always constant. Avoid pulling at large are as that are not cut cleanly when removing as
this will lift the areas that need to remain.

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